ATOM is leading company Worldwide

The company starts in 1946 from a dream of three young entrepreneurs: Luciano Deambrosis, Lorenzo Gaia and Emiliano Cantella.

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Whatever ATOM Group machine model you have, we assure the most suitable support at the best value prices that complete 

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Our Product

  • Knife Cutting Systems
  • Die-Cutting Systems
  • Acquisition Systems
  • Nesting & CAD

Company Profile

A 70-year history of continuous innovation and strong internationalization allowed atom to become the world leading supplier of cutting systems for soft and semi-rigid materials. the headquarters in vigevano, italy, lead an international group with production plants in italy and china, branch offices in 10 nations and a widespread network to service the thousands of atom cutting systems all over the world.


Why choose Us

A story grown in the heart of mechanic-shoe district based in Vigevano. During the years Atom developed advanced technology applied to many productive sectors, suitable to all industrial processes which include non-metal materials cutting: rubber and plastics, textile, footwear, leather goods, packaging, gaskets, automotive, sports accessories, medical, furniture, visual communication.

From the 50’s the Company grew, becoming a global reality with Atom Brazil and Atom China. In 2009 Atom took over the activities of Main Group (Venice), reaching 4 production units and 9 subsidiaries worldwide.


We have a
ISO Certificate.

The Production reached more than 250.000 Machines Sold Worldwide.

70Years of Activity
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    Best talent in the industry business.

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    One of the most expirienced company.

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    7 of the best business schools in the world.

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    Company has support the best Italian companies.

Atom Group

  • Innovation and Technology

    Main Group entered Atom sphere in 2009. Main Group has always represented the reference technology for injection in footwear industry. Its technological solutions based on state-of-the-art machines allow to meet new and different market exigencies, from an economic aspect as well as a production update point of view.

  • Innovation 3D/2D CAD CAM Solutions

    Shoemaster® offers an innovative range of 3D and 2D CAD/CAM systems for shoe design, production and costs control, custom-made shoe engineering, as well as solutions for the leather goods market. Shoemaster® is modern, innovative and always looking to the future.

  • Valuable Know-How

    The aim of Atom MB technology is to offer machines which automate and simplify the operations of pre-lasting and lasting of the shoe, with the help of a user friendly programming, respecting the quality of traditional shoe-making.

  • Imagining the Future

    It represents Atom research lab, a true ‘factory on demand’, which develops technologies and avant-gard projects, to create new production methods. Atom Lab always stays close to customers in order to develop innovative systems and products for the market, able to grant efficiency and competitiveness.

  • The Technological Heart of Atom

    It represents Atom technical division which studies new products and new technologies to be put on the market, according to the specific requirements of each application. Atom Engineering takes care of designing and developing new machines for industry, one of Atom most successful factors worldwide.